Contributors to Cinesprit

Marcus Clearspring


Movies didn't take on a meaning and language of their own until I saw the films of the French new wave on TV as a teenager. Godard and Rohmer changed what movies meant. Films like Brazil, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, Koyaanisqatsi, Un Chien Andalou, and Fellini's extravanganzas, pushed cinema into another realm. Movies are important to people and that should be reflected in the way we write about cinema.

Fredrik Gustafsson


Fredrik has a PhD in film Studies from University of St Andrews. He is a regular contributor to Swedish film journal Filmrutan, and has written for La Furia Umana and other publications. 2012 he founded Frames Cinema Journal, and was co-editor of the inaugural issue. He has worked at the Swedish Film Institute and the Ingmar Bergman Archive. Besides writing about film he has published poetry and been involved in film productions. He blogs regularly at and tweets at @fredrikonfilm

Josh Shalek


Josh watches movies and draws comics, sometimes simultaneously. He loves just about every kind of film, from Rohmer to Kubrick to 1950's monster movies.

Lisa Vooght


Lisa is originally from Lancaster County, PA. USA and works in the special education field. Writing took a backseat until several years ago, when she began to submit short stories for publication. Several pieces have been published in newspapers, online journals and anthologies including the paranormal short story “Visible Signs” in After Dark (published by Ethics Trading) and “Little Red Riding Hoodie” in Pen 10 Compendium (published by Alpha Sutra Press).

Joshua Brunsting


Currently a writer for The CriterionCast, Josh is a member of the Online Film Critics Society and a former editor of, all the while covering film festivals ranging from SXSW to Cannes.

James Larabee

Voice Actor

Having loved movies my whole life, I’ve incorporated them into my existence at every turn. I’ve managed a movie theatre, love attending late night movie premieres and can’t get enough of films. While a theatre manager, I even put together a weekly comic strip about the newest offering from Hollywood!

Robert William Kingett


If you see me watching a movie, it will probably be a story about fictional characters based in the real world, e.g. the mother with the disabled daughter fighting for her child’s education. I'm drawn to a wide range of dramas, things that involve conflict. I don't like action movies with a lot of explosions but I do love suspense horror, and natural horror stories. My favorite movie of all time is "The Water Boy".