About Cinesprit

Cinesprit Magazine explores movies beyond reviews. We are an independent group of writers, illustrators and creative types venturing into the world of new media publishing.

So what's it all about?

Movies are important. Stories are vital to us as humans. We imagine future situations and revisit our past constantly. We have movies in our head. We call them dreams.

Some rare movies and television dramas have even led to changes in policy and the law. Many have changed prejudices. Movies don't only serve to pass a few hours time. Yes, they entertain us, make us laugh and cry. They also inform us, show us possible solutions to problems, make us aware of injustices, raise awareness of our own situation in the world. Films address fears and issues people wrestle with daily. They inspire us, give us courage and consolement. Movies, stories, are important.

Movie reviews are great, they tell us whether a movie is worth watching. However, reviews are only the beginning. Cinesprit is here to dig deeper. Does this mean philosophical movies like "The Seventh Seal"? Sure, but it equally means "Die Hard","Dirty Harry", or "Rambo - First Blood", all of which have their fair share to say about the human condition.

Our goals

One of Cinesprit's goals is to explore new ways of writing about and discussing movies. Not only in essays but in short stories, maybe poems and songs, even micro screenplays. Who knows? If you have an idea, click the contact button and send us your pitch.

We want to be accessible without any elitist pretensions or cine-snobbery. Any movie, regardless of genre, is of interest that has something interesting to say.

Readers can discuss topics in our private forums without having their opinions indexed by search engines and social networks or pounced on by habitual trolls. A place for meaningful and fun discussion amongst like-minded film fans.

Why do we charge?

We charge, a low, fee. Why? Because producing a quality magazine takes many, many hours. Hours a writer, illustrator or designer does not spend on regular paid work. What you pay us is divided amongst all contributors, from writers to voice-actors and programmers.

If you like what we do, support us and we will produce more interesting perspectives on movies for you to read and discuss with us.